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A special message to our undergraduate applicants

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We are delighted to have received all our applications for this admissions round, and are now beginning the lengthy and detailed process of assessing them. We recognise this is an uncertain time for our applicants, but we hope that it is one filled with excitement at the prospect of the many opportunities ahead of you.

We welcomed our new students only a few weeks ago, who were just last year in the same position you are in now. They have already attended their first lectures and supervisions, and experienced all the excitement of starting a new stage of life. They have attended sessions from our unique Gateway programme and have started thinking about their study skills and personal development. They have made new friends from a wide range of disciplines, backgrounds and nationalities, a diversity of which the College is rightly proud. Many have joined societies and begun to contribute to the life of the College and the wider University. There are many exciting adventures ahead of them, from the celebration of seasonal events such as Apple Day, our infamous Halloween formal hall and Bridgemas (Cambridge’s particular take on Christmas celebrated early before the end of this term), to those spontaneous moments which make studying at Murray Edwards College special.

A common theme from our students is their enthusiasm for the College and their studies. They are quick to share passion for their subjects, as well as stories and experiences of living in College. Many can be found on this website, contributing to our academic student profiles and to student photographs and news. This blend reflects the traditional yet modern outlook of the College, and the open, friendly atmosphere which our students, Fellows and staff are so fond.

The Admissions Office will be in touch with you shortly regarding the next stage of the process. This is a particularly busy time of year, so although we welcome queries, please get in contact only if necessary. The Interviews section of the website will be updated when there is new information, so please come back to this page regularly for updates.

We look forward to welcoming those applicants who are called for interview in December when they will have the chance to experience a little more of Murray Edwards College and its warm welcome.