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  • Hello, I’m Kat, your JCR President. Three weeks into my first term at Murray Edwards I caught myself calling the college my home. The JCR is keen to make every student’s life here as enjoyable and homely as possible. The JCR stands for the Junior Common Room, including a team of 19, whose major responsibility is to represent your interests & views in college and on the University level, so always feel free to email us about anything!

    The Junior Common Room is also a physical space in Pearl House, where the undergraduates meet to chat, relax, or watch a film.

    We are keen to always be there for you - from meeting you on your very first day at the college to organising a comedy night in the bar or a puppy therapy session. You can also get involved by applying to become part of the JCR in spring term, or email us at any stage to volunteer!

    Kat Karpenko (History)

    Photo of JCR President, Kat Karpenko

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    Murray Edwards College is unusual in the level of input it enjoys from its students. There are many ways in which students can put their views forward.

    Both the MECSU (undergraduate student union) and MCR (postgraduate student union) Presidents are trustees of the College for the duration of their presidencies, and as such sit on College Council. This is unusual in Cambridge, and is part of the way that the College ensures that student perspectives are fully considered. 

    College Council meets regularly, and is made up of the President, Vice-President, Senior Tutor and Bursar of the College, along with other Fellows who are elected to serve. Council takes decisions regarding all strategic matters within the College, and other committees report to it. Council also reports to the Governing Body, which is made up of all Fellows. 

    There are a number of other important committees within Murray Edwards, such as the Academic Policy Committee, and students are represented via the MECSU and MCR representatives on all of these.

    Getting in touch

    The President, Bursar, Senior Tutor and Head of Residences and Catering make the effort to come to student union Open Meetings in order to answer any questions that students might have about wider College strategy and policy. 

    The President, Dame Barbara Stocking, is always happy to see students; contact her PA for an appointment:

    The Senior Tutor (Room: Rectory 8) and Bursar (Room A10)  both operate open door policies and are happy to discuss matters with students throughout the year. Please email or pop-by.