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Strategic Direction

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    Photos of tulips and the dome
    Murray Edwards College dome and tulips

    Our strategy sets out the College's intent for the 2014-2018 period. Our main aims are:

    1.  To pursue educational excellence by seeking to ensure that every student is able to achieve her full academic potential. This includes putting a strong focus on merit-based diversity; seeking to increase the number of high-quality candidates who apply to Murray Edwards as their first choice; and giving increased attention to STEM subjects.

    2.  To attract the most academically talented women for graduate study at Murray Edwards, and enable them to excel.

    3.  To give all students the tools and confidence to identify and achieve their individual aspirations, and consider how to support young alumnae.

    4.  To ensure that the Fellowship continues to develop as a vibrant, well-rounded academic community.

    5.  To make the College much better known and understood.

    6.  To maintain the ethos of the College as inclusive, friendly and modern, and to make sure the environment and life of the College continues to be vibrant and innovative.

    7.  To secure the College’s financial ability to deliver these objectives.

    Find out more about our future aims in our strategic direction.